Topic: No frills word processor for infocast/chumby?

I love the web browser that has been developed, but while it does offer the ability to type if google docs and et cetera are accessed online, I would LOVE a lo-fi no frills word processor application like DarkRoom and others where the screen is black and type is green ( like an old commodore or othe rolder computer system) where I can save the created text to a usb.  I have zero programming skills so creating this on my own is out of the question for the immediate time being, but as a professional fiction writer i would love to have this available on my infocast so I can use it as sort of a writing-centric mini-computer.  Anyone working on anything like this currently?  Anyone have any suggestions of similar sounding apps?

Re: No frills word processor for infocast/chumby?

at least on the chumby if you plug a usb keybord in a comsole opens up. you could use vi(yes it is hard to use sorry, but it gets the job done)