Topic: Update -> Can't play random song for alarm anymore


I use my chumby one mainly as an alarm clock. For that  I plugged in an usb stick with mp3 files on it. Since the latest update this doesn't work anymore the way I intended it to work.

Chumby behavior before latest update:

  • I used the alarm sound option "My Music Files".

  • alarm played a random song from usb

  • If I didn't like the song, I would hit "Snooze" and after a couple of minutes it played a differed random song

Chumby behavior after latest update:

  • I use the alarm sound option "My Music Files" but after that i have to select an actual file

  • alarm plays every time the selected song

  • After I hit "Snooze" it plays the same song again and again.

I like the new file browser for playing music, but I would like to be awaken by a random song each morning and after each time I hit "Snooze".

How can I achieve that?

Thx in advance for your help

Re: Update -> Can't play random song for alarm anymore

Had the same problem here. Figured out that it's due to the beta Control Panel update.

Go to your Chumby Dashboard on the website.
Click on the "beta software" link
Select "Control Panel" ...

Actually, read the directions on that page. That's better than I can say it. smile

Re: Update -> Can't play random song for alarm anymore

Any update on this?  I really which I could play a random song from the USB stick for the alarm.  In fact, that was what I had in mind when I originally bought the Chumby.

This doesn't seem to be an option in either the beta or standard Control Panel.