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How could I get in touch with one? I am somewhat new to embedded Linux and I need a custom touch screen kit made. I only took half a class on the subject at Mount San Jacinto College in Menifee, CA and had to drop it because of RL issues.

I need a custom kernel, Ethernet, wifi, USB, and a  touch screen with a decent amount of color. It should be able to run off a 12v / >10amp power supply rail. Flash is not critical, it's an ambient 24/7 device. Support for a custom splash screen with high contrast/color product logo is required.

I plan on developing my own software/graphics.

I have LinkedIn and can see them but don't have it upgraded to where I can contact them about it.

Any hints? I live in SAN DIEGO and just want to deal with local experts if possible - not Alibaba or Tradekey. Thanks smile

I also hate Craigslist and don't want spam. I also like Chumby and think it has cool branding, kind of like my product will.

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why not just grab one of the many picoitx boards and start from there ? chumby hardware is too limited. its best to start with a 2GHz dual core CPU, 1 or 2GB of RAM, 8-16GB of flash space and a full debian install with X server. costs $200 for a basic kit from logicsupply or any of the mini itx box places, but well worth it. they all run from either 100-240V AC or 12V DC and have full SVGA output, USB and COM ports etc. plus they are smaller than a chumby.