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Topic: Chumby won't boot, special ops not working

Hey guys,

I have restarted my chumby today and it won't boot anymore.

I am always getting the intro, which is playing too fast, without sound and can't be skipped.
After that I get stuck at the WLAN selection screen as the touchscreen won't work (don't even know why he won't just connect on its own, as he did before).
OK, well it does refresh the WLAN signal as I can see the signal strenght changing and some stations with weak signal dissapearing and I can click on the grey "ok" button and get a message.
But I can't select a station or click any of the other buttons.

Special ops won't help either.
Installing an update results in the same behavior. (if the screen doesn't freeze before I can click)
And the worst is that it won't let me click restore to factory settings, instead it will always select reboot on its own.

I can't ssh into the device and restore the factory settings.
Does anyone have an idea?

The only big chance I made since the last reboot was that I remounted the system as writable and changed the index.html of the webserver to a symbol link to my own one (to use the chumby as a small webserver). After that I remounted it as read only again.
Could that be the problem?
But why wouldn't I be able to restore the factory settings?

I really hope that you can help me, I need my alarm clock!

Re: Chumby won't boot, special ops not working

Please contact Customer Support.