Topic: First impression and some ideas

I just got the chumby one today.

Here is some ideas :

1. some physical lock to the power plug. In case it got unplug unexpectingly.

2. Use internet protocol to set time

3. UI : some widgets like the calculators, is not meant to use in the current settings. There should be a fast access (corners touch, a spring board) to these widgets. Some functions : alert or message from friends, urgent messages from authorities, should be allowed to pop up. Also, the music should be able to mute or stop with a direct command (gesture or a button in the control panel).

That is what the first impression for me. I am just starting to explore and enjoy Chumby.


Re: First impression and some ideas

There are some scripts here on the forums to get a NTP (network time protocol) client running on the Chumby One a few times a day.  That helps with keeping the time accurate.

As for the power plug -- adding a cheap NP-120 compatible battery helps a lot there with avoiding accidental shut-offs.

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Re: First impression and some ideas

I apologize in advance, but where do I find a) how to install scripts on the chumby1 via a Mac and b) the script you reference about setting internet time on an interval.  My C1 is not keeping time accurately and I find I'm having to turn off and back on internet time in settings to keep it even close to accurate every week.  Thanks!

Blah nevermind.  I read elsewhere that a firmware update is in the works to address this.  ZERO work for me always wins.  smile  Thanks chumby folks!

Re: First impression and some ideas

See the instructions at