Topic: C1 snooze bug, will not go back to "night mode"

I need to go home and find what version I am running, but want to get the ball rolling. I have had a Chumby Classic for over a year and just bought a Chumby One (C1) that I am using for an alarm clock.

I need to keep the WAF (wife acceptance factor) or I guess SAF to me PC)) high on the C1 and so far it's been a delight, but this alarm/snooze issue is starting to raise questions from my better half. She does dig the Pandora as an alarm though!

I have the C1 set to go to “night mode” at 10PM every evening and this seems to work just fine. I also have a weekday alarm at 4:30AM  set to “beep” and then the event trigger was to “return to prior screen” when alarm was dismissed. However,  it seemed that when the snooze button was hit, the screen would stay in bright mode and when the alarm was dismissed, it would run a channel verse going back to the previous screen (which I assumed meant night mode); however, since night mode is not a screen (per se) I changed the event to “go to night mode” once the alarm was dismissed; however I am still seeing the same issue where the when the snooze button is hit, the screen does not dim again and after the alarm is dismissed it still plays a channel. I even looked at the setting again this morning after it messed up thinking perhaps the setting didn’t stick and it was set for “go to night mode”.

If I try to do the same on my Chumby Classic, it all work like you would expect, so it might be a C1 issue? Of course, the time is not set at 4:30AM, it just set it for a minute or two ahead of the current time for testing purposes. Just wanted to note this incase some 12hr or 24hr event is causing this on the C1.

I’ll reply back tonight with the version I am running on my C1. I will also force the alarm on the C1 like I did with the Classic and see if it acts the same.

Thanks, Matt

Re: C1 snooze bug, will not go back to "night mode"

Hmmm, OK, I'll look into it.

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thanks for the very detailed bug post burkhardi - it really helped us reproduce the issue!

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Re: C1 snooze bug, will not go back to "night mode"

My C1 has 2.8.48 on it.
Thanks DJChumby!

Once the C1's alarm works like the Classic (where the snooze button invokes snooze and retuns to the dim ("night mode") screen (if it was in night mode already) as well as the "Turn off Alarm" tap going to the selected event) then the WAF will be at about 95%

The only other noted "I wish it did this..." are the two below.
Also, thanks for reading this post and looking into it with Duane, you guys rock!

#1 Have the alarm popup window (the one with the "turn off alarm" and "Snooze") not be displayed in Day Mode. Either have the brightness on it set to the same as night mode, use the same brightness as the unit was in prior to the event or have a setting for it. Right now, when the alarm soudns, the whole room lights up. Upon further thought, I think if the alarm pop-up used the setting that the unit was in prior to the event then it would be the easiest since using the alarm durring the day or in a bright room at night would make a Alrm Pop up displayed in Night Mode about 99.9% useless.

#2 When in night mode you see the upcoming alarm in the lower left (this is really nice) and you also have a choice for "dark" in the upper right (once again very nice) but it would be nice to have a button to tap (once the alarms sounds) that stays visable unitll either it's selcected or the alarm is turned off via the popup that reads somehting like "cancel alarm" or "24hr suspend" or something. The challange (and perhaps there is a way to do this we don't know about) is the alarm goes off, I hit snooze, then it goes off again and I hit snooze again and then before it sounds a third time I get up and start my morning routine and if I just walk away, it will then sound the third time and then my wife has to turn off the alarm. So now I have to just sit there and wait for the alarm to sound so I can tap the Turn off Alarm or I have to pull up the console and turn off the alarm and then put the unit back into Night Mode. This lights up the whole room too.

So if there was a little button to tap in the lower right that was only there after the first alarm sounded that I could tap and it would dismiss the alarm for that day, that would be killer. On our old SOny Dream Machine, I would just get up and cycle through the alarm button and toggle the alarm that way. I hope this makes sense, if not let me know and I'll try to explain better.

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That is exactly what I'm looking for too.