Topic: Chumby One battery weirdness, or bug

I installed a new NP120 2 nights ago and while listening to nature songs the Chumby One died and locked. The only way to bring it back was to disconnect the 5V plug for a few seconds.

The battery went from fully charged to fully discharged even though the device was powered from the wall supply.

The battery eventually charged back up, but it did it again last night, both in the night mode and display on mode.

It is as if the battery is powering the device during music playback regardless of correct wall power.

Re: Chumby One battery weirdness, or bug

Interesting - we'll look into that.

One thing to keep in mind (not saying that you might have done this, but) - don't insert or remove the battery while it's plugged in.

Besides being generally a bad idea, it also has the possibility of confusing the charging circuitry.

Re: Chumby One battery weirdness, or bug

Thanks for the reply.

I think I did install the battery with the device plugged in.

Last night the battery indicator showed full and no charge symbol, and apparently it worked as expected.

Perhaps the states are now correctly synchronized.

Re: Chumby One battery weirdness, or bug

the same thing happened to me.  this is from the fw release notes:

"Frequently running the chumby one off battery power and then recharging the battery while on AC power may cause the chumby one to drain the battery to a very low level and not allow the chumby one to boot."

this is a serious problem if i am going to rely on this thing for an alarm clock.  it may even be doing damage to the battery.  do we have some idea what is causing this?  is there any workaround besides not using a battery?  i really like being able to unplug the thing and take it to the next room for a while.