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Hey all.  I'm using the latest beta control panel and snooze is acting funny.  I use Pandora as my music source for alarms.  When I hit snooze sometimes it just skips to the next song instead of stopping.  Then when I go to Alarms and hit "cancel snooze" it skips to another song and keeps playing.  This definitely gets me out of bed but I sure would prefer a working snooze. 

I thought I might try getting a USB drive and playing music off that to see if it was a Pandora problem.  Think that's worth a try?


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Yo might give that a try to see if the problem is isolated to the Pandora music source.

We've been doing a lot of work internally on the Pandora source - we hope to release a new version "soon".

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Re: Problems with snooze

What I'm seeing is that "Snooze" seems to reset the alarm for the Snooze interval, but it doesn't return the screen to the night setting it was on before the alarm was triggered.  My alarm is set to an internet radio feed (WOSU), but when I hit snooze it doesn't dim and goes on to play the channel I've selected to play after the alarm is ended.

This has happened the last 2 days, with the current beta.

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Thanks ibap for the report.  I think we've reproduced this problem and will work on a fix. 
Some additional details will help us narrow this down:

Do you use a custom alarm (post-alarm action = night mode on) to trigger Night Mode initially or do you manually enter Night Mode via the CP > Night button?

Do you use (generally? always?) the snooze button at the top of the device or the snooze button on the touchscreen?

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Thanks for looking at this!

Is there a snooze button on the top?  Didn't realize there was one - what am I missing?  The one button?

I have always used the Snooze on the screen.  And I've been triggering Night mode manually.

Just to see what happened, I reverted to the current released control panel, and Snooze behaves as I would want it to - goes back to Night screen.

Most mornings I'm up before hubby, so I turn the alarm off entirely, but there is another beta thread that discusses some means to allow the music/audio to continue playing but without the backup alarm kicking in.  For weekends, I wholeheartedly applaud this idea.  Yes I know that you could set weekend alarms without the backup alarm, but that's probably not such a swell idea either.

There was something else kind of odd though - (after this whole issue and after testing the released Snooze) - when I did try to set  'alarms' to trigger night mode at 11 PM and day mode at 8 AM (after hubby is up), there was apparently no way to eliminate the audio duration, unless I first set it to some audible alarm, and completed it, then edited the audible alarm to 'none'.  I was using the info feature to review the alarm setting and saw it still thought it had a duration for the audio, but it didn't let me change it unless there was an audible alarm selected.  Make any sense?  So when the 'alarm' was set to none, it did not present the opportunity to set the duration to none, but it showed one in info.  I will examine this further, but I guess it should be a new thread.  (Edited this paragraph to correct my mis-speaking that it was the backup duration I couldn't change - don't mind me, it's been a long day.)

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Re: Problems with snooze

Another update -

I had tried the beta CP because I was having trouble streaming WOSU - that issue has returned, although it worked yesterday for the alarm.  Not just as an alarm, but as a music source.  It flashes a message at the upper left, then says idle.  This problem appeared after the latest update, a week or so ago.  It had been playing WOSU before then.  I had forgotten about that issue.

This morning, I got a beep instead of the radio.  Hit snooze, but it didn't dim, went to the channel it is supposed to play after the alarm is turned off.  Beeped again at end of snooze.  (BTW - I appreciate getting a beep if it can't connect to the radio.)

I do at this point have the two 'alarms' to dim at 11 PM and bright at 8 AM.

I think I'm going back to the beta CP, but I'd be glad to try anything else you'd like to suggest to test.

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So when the 'alarm' was set to none, it did not present the opportunity to set the duration to none, but it showed one in info.

I've made a bug for this.  Nice find!

I know it's your preference but WOSU sounds to be a bit flaky so maybe try another audio source for diversity...  You're using in CP > Music > My Streams right ?

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Yes, that is the URL for WOSU.  It is not flaky at all when streaming to PC.  And with the current beta CP I can play it manually with no issues.  I'll see how it does in the morning.

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More weirdness, now on beta CP.  This morning wouldn't stream WOSU as alarm.  Got backup alarm.  Tried to stream WOSU manually, no go.  I'm wondering if something about the beta CP requires that I recreate the stream?  Didn't have time to try it.  NOAA radio does stream, but can we have a way to have it go to a specified stream without having to go through the whole pick a state/city each time?  Most of the time, you only want the local one.

There's also something peculiar about the streaming app, with the 'play' and 'goto'.  One would think that whatever was highlighted at a given point, when you hit 'play' you'd get that one, but under some cases it seems to hang onto the last one until you've chosen 'goto'.


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The "play" button plays the thing currently listed directly to the left of it - typically the last item played but stopped.  It really should be "resume".  If nothing has been played or the last item can't be resumed, the button does not appear at all.

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ibap wrote:

  NOAA radio does stream, but can we have a way to have it go to a specified stream without having to go through the whole pick a state/city each time?  Most of the time, you only want the local one.

I have an alarm set for the NOAA radio to wake me up and only had to set it to my local area once.  I also listen to it several times throughout the day, and have never had to select my local city after the first time...

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Re: Problems with snooze

What I see is that if I choose a NOAA station, and then play nothing except that one, yes I can just hit Play.  If I switch to My Streams, the next time I want NOAA I have to reselect the station.

Is there something I'm missing?

Oh, wait.  Are you using the widget or the stream?

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ibap, I think you're correct about the NOAA source - that might be a situation where it doesn't keep track of the last station when you use it normally, but does as part of an alarm.

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It would be nice to have a widget that played a particular stream only.  Don't know if that is something in the works or not, but that is what I see the NOAA widget as doing.  It lets you enter a zipcode, and then retains it, without going through the music functionality.  I can see though, that the music function lets music play while another channel runs, though I've seem some skipping when doing that.