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There should be an I'm Awake button that cancels the Alarm Alert screen but continues playing Pandora or other music and disables the backup alarm.  It's annoying cancelling the alarm and having the music turn off, having to navigate to Pandora and restart it.  Having the backup alarm interrupt the music when I'm awake is annoying also.

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This can actually be done by creating a custom alarm ring screen - however, it requires some Flash work.  Information on how to do this is included in the release notes for Beta Control Panels 2.8.19 and 2.8.20.  This infor wil be put on the main wiki once this Control Panel goes to production.

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I'd like to see this functionality as well, but I'm not a Flash developer. Any chance we could see this as a feature - the ability to close an alarm without stopping the music - in future control panel versions?

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People have asked for all sorts of things for that screen, mostly without remembering that that screen is, by definition, used by people who aren't really awake yet. We've also had complaints that that screen is too complicated already for someone just waking up, and anything that requires any sort of comprehension is going to fail.   We've had to enlarge and move the two existing buttons a couple of times already.

Frankly there's no right answer that works for everyone, which is why we added the ability for developers to customize it.

Since the above post was written, you can now quickly resume the music the alarm used by going to the Music screen and hitting "play".

Also, the above-mentioned documentation is currently on the wiki here.

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Thanks for the quick response and advise for getting the music back quicker, I'll have to try that when I get home. I'll also look at the wiki and see if it's beyond my capability to customize it myself. That said...

Duane wrote:

We've also had complaints that that screen is too complicated ...

What if the option wasn't on the wake screen, perhaps an option when creating the custom alarm, or an option in the control panel?

Just a thought.

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Check this out:

The custom screen has exactly the function you want, plus it's dimmer than the standard one which is why I wanted it.