Topic: Un-Dismissed Alarm

I've noticed each time I return after being out-of-town I always find my Chumby in the same state with the alarm off/snooze screen displayed.  My morning alarm is the only one that uses the alarm/snooze screen and I have several alarms set after it which change to different channels.  I don't know if I'd call this a bug but it seems like subsequent alarms should clear the alarm/snooze screen from the preceding alarm.  Does anyone else have this problem and find it annoying? 

Control Panel v2.8.20.
Firmware v1.7

Re: Un-Dismissed Alarm

This is intentional - the alarm dismissal screen is currently designed stay up until dismissed to let you know that you've missed an alarm, which might have been important.

I'll review with Product Management about whether or not subsequent alarms should override that behavior - our thinking at the time was "no".

Re: Un-Dismissed Alarm

Thanks for looking into this one Duane.  I was thinking the purpose of the alarm duration setting was so missed alarms could eventually be cleared by another alarm.

Re: Un-Dismissed Alarm

The "duration" only affects the audio portion of the alarm, so it doesn't beep forever.