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Topic: Change to wiki front page


Can I request a change to the wiki front page? I can't make this edit myself so I am guessing that changes to the wiki front page can only be made by staff.

The item "Chumby Tutorials" under "3 Need help?" needs to be renamed to "Chumby Flash Tutorials" (the underlying page has been renamed already) and moved to section "4.4 Software" as the underlying page contains only flash tutorial information.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Change to wiki front page


As an aside, for people wondering, the reason the front page is locked (along with the discussion page, etc) is that this page was *very* heavily vandalized, often by bots, when it was unlocked.

For a while, it would get loaded up with porn, warez and mortgage spam several times a day. The wiki still gets vandalized every now and then, but it's no longer as attractive a target with the front page locked.

If anyone wants changes made, simple post as PaperClippy did and we'd be happy to make them.

Re: Change to wiki front page

Thanks Duane, but you forgot to move it in to the "4.2 Widgets" section (that spot looks more appropriate than software as per my previous request)... wink

I figured that was the reason it was locked, damn those vandals.