Topic: New feature available: Widget Subscriptions

Now you can subscribe to a widget groups and have widgets sent directly to your chumby without having to continually log into and browse the widget catalog.

Widget groups are collections of widgets with a common theme. You can add a widget group to an existing channel or create a new channel for it.
When you subscribe to a widget group, any new widgets added to it are automatically sent to your chumby. Widgets removed from the widget groups will still be available in your local channel.

Subscribe to any or all of the following widget groups (more to come soon):
Sunny Delight
Webcam Junkie
EXTREME Widgets of Doom by Duane
What time is it?
Newest Widgets
Geeky & Cheeky by bunnie

To access this feature, login to your account and go to WIDGETS > subscribe to widgets.

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