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Topic: Uebbi: the first 'Chumby inspired' commercial applicance ?

By the beginning of this month, Telecom Italia - the Italian incumbent phone carrier - sells the Uebbi, advertised as 'Internet radio, information services, video and music in a design object which is also Memo and alarm clock. Some pointers (sorry, only Italian): the main site, quick start guide, user's manual and a user Flickr set. Its price is EUR 169.00, about USD 218.00.

Key features (from manual):
- memory: 128 MB
- network: IP, wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with WEP, WPA (PSK e AES) - WPS and Wiseconf pairing
- display: 320x240 QVGA LCD 3,5”, 16M colors, Touch screen
- key: 4 pushbuttons with printed icons (info, radio, alarm clock and main menu)
- sound: 2 internal 1.0 Watt speakers, jack for headphones, internal omnidirectional microphone
- slot: memory card (SD, SD-HC, MMC) reader, one USB 'A' port
- sensors: internal SOT-27 temperature, internal light PIN diode array
- size: 110 (base diameter) x 115 x 133 (height) mm
- power: DC 5V, 2A by wall power supply, 3 x AA LR6 1.5V batteries for alarm clock and memo backup   
- weight: 290 g

Capabilities (from manual):
- audio: plays MP3, WMA, Real Audio - from file or streaming
- images: JPEG, PNG, BMP
- alarm clock: max 3 settings
- languages: Italian and English

Services (from manual):
- memo: user can record up to 6 vocal memos   
- news, horoscope, meteo
- Ansa live (video news)
- Daily Motion (funny videos)
- finance: stock exchange indexes, user portfolio

All services are provided by the carrier: it looks like no other one is allowed to publish widgets for the device.
The appliance is made by Avantis, a Korean company.

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