Topic: Tachikoma Chumby

Alright here is my coming idea! This is going to be sweet. I'm not super into case modding but I said you know what, lets do this, I can always take chumby out if I so needed to. Anyway...I've always liked Ghost in the I ordered a tachikoma plush that looks roughly the size of chumby....and is the idea:

the face will be cut out sad
replaced with chumby screen as face smile
the arms will be the usb ports via ext. cable
the back unit will contain as much batteries as I can fit. lol

This might come out awesome! It'll be a while, but please wait!

Can someone make me a custom flash tachikoma face with rolling eye? haha easy enough.

Re: Tachikoma Chumby

Wow! Great idea. I'll be subscribing to this thread. Good luck!

Re: Tachikoma Chumby

Okay I recieved the plush in the mail and the size is PERFECT. Now, its just how I should gut it. Does anyone have any suggestions for cutting it open? Also is there an easy way to make a easy access zipper/button whatever so I can have direct access to the chumby? I'm not super good at sewing or any of that stuff so craft people help me out!

And hoyeboye I will follow your instructions for the battery.