Topic: My "out of the box experience"

I realize that others have reported some problems in getting their Chumbys working and it probably helped that, before my Chumby arrived,  I had been reading the forum,  watched a youtube video of someone setting one up, and had setup a Virtual Chumby (in order to set my expectations appropriately) before my Chumby arrived; however, I can report that I had the Chumby working, displaying my selection of widgets within 15 minutes of removing it from its unique packaging.  It woke me to classical music from a NY radio station and seems to be working "as advertised".  This is truly an alarm clock on steroids.  Of course, it is so much more than an alarm clock, it is a new form of appliance that defies simple classification especially to non-technical customers. I hope that Chumby Industries is a great success.