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My chumby shipped out early last week.  UPS says it is en route to my home... from CHINA.

How is it financially viable for you to provide free shipping on individual items from China?  Wouldn't it be cheaper to pallet up several gross of them and put them on a boat to Seattle?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to its arrival.  Hope it gets here soon.

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Maybe it's not viable for them to order up several gross at a time? (I'm guessing. No sarcasm implied.)

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It's actually cheaper for us to ship units directly from China to the customer than to ship to a warehouse in the US, then reship to the customer.

For one thing, we don't need the warehouse.

Chumby is doing a lot of experimental things that have never been done before in the consumer electronics space - the direct shipping from the factory in China is just one of them.

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Well that's pretty cool.  The way this package is moving, it will probably arrive on the 7th day, standard for UPS ground.

If you guys do decide you need some warehouse space on US soil, you can rent out my garage on the cheap.  How about, I dunno, one Chumby a month?  That's a steal!

Take care...

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Wow, that was way out of left field.  I can understand your frustrations with the
political and human rights situation in China. I also believe that venting those feelings towards Chumby might be somewhat misguided.

Aside from the argument that this thing is going to be made in China whether or not they direct ship it from there, you should consider the possibility that commerce with China may be the very thing needed to pry open the opressive hand of their government.

Anyway, this forum is about Chumbys, not global politics. Let's get back on topic.

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I just find it ironic that it's being made in a country that blocks a good portion of its function/future function (youtube and other news sites) due to communist dictatorship oppression.

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Can the product work in Asia?  If I wanted to send the product to someone in China or Japan, are there servers to support it?  I noticed that, when ordering Chumby on the website, you can only ship to a US address.

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Yes, it should work anywhere in the work with a decent pipe to our servers in the US.  The reason for only shipping to the US is regulatory, not technical.

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it only took 4 days for my chumby to get to my house from china. i was very impressed! how do you push it through customs so quickly?!

i order r/c cars and planes from china and sometimes they sit in customs for a week!

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Ni Ho Ma,

If you find my order please send me a message. Mine has seemed to have gotten lost at the factory.

My order number is WEB 0000119517..........

This order was placed 15 days ago.

I have not even received an email as to the status of my order.

But Chumby took the money out of my Paypal Account !

Please find my order......

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I would contact customer support directly if I we're you:


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i agree it is more cheaper to cheap directly from china than bridging for a warehouse because that package or product will also hold the expenses for the warehouse... am i right?