Topic: Feature request for next beta

First - As always, you guys are doing a great job.  It's great to see you go "live".

I'm really hurting for a way to control the display brightness through the alarms.  At bed time, I don't set mine to "Night Mode" but I do switch to a different channel (via alarm) AND adjust the display brightness to dim (manually).

That is a 7 click affair that I have to repeat every night and every morning.

Re: Feature request for next beta

I also would like this feature. This is also something I do daily, but I do have it go into Night mode which I use an alarm to take care of. But seven clicks just to change the brightness each night and morning is starting to get old. The problem is that if I forget to set it to dim at night, it turns on so bright at 6:00 AM that the wife hits me with her pillow. So I am in a habit of putting Chumby to bed (change brightness to dim) right as we put the real kids to bed as well. If you can not add this to the alarms, could you at least make the buttons on the "Set screen brightness" panel bigger? When the room is bright and the screen is dim it is hard to see that little button.