Topic: Control panel invoking... releasing / alarms

Hello chums,

It is really easy to get into the control panel.  It would be great if the switch at the top would exit the control panel as well.  I naturally press it to exit, then go to the UI to hide it.  If the button is only used for the function, a toggle switch idea would make a lot of sense.  Sometimes, I want to save a setting and then tap the Chumby to resume programming.

The alarms are great in the beta.  I've set mine up to go into night mode at a certain time, to wake me up and change to an information weather, this day in history widget.  Then, it resumes normal programming.  This is insanely great!

Right now, I'm working on an EAS type widget that notifies of emergencies.  Life couldn't be better!

Just some thoughts,


just go with it