Topic: Welcome to Control Panel 2.6 Beta

Welcome to the Control Panel 2.6 Beta.  As part of our ongoing development of new functionality for the chumby, we're making some versions of some software available for access by users that wish to be more on the "bleeding edge".

These releases are not production quality - they have known bugs, they may be missing some functionality, and often they do not have final art.  In some cases some functionality may actually be added and removed during the process, so the feature set you see at any point may not be in the final version.

These releases are not for the timid - while it's extremely unlikely that they will "brick" a chumby, it's possible that some files might be corrupted and require some manual intervention through SSH or resetting the device to factory defaults.  These releases are also not officially supported by the Customer Service department - you should make your comments and reports on the Chumby Forum in the Beta Software section.  Be sure to report precisely which version you're using - the version number is in the upper right of the Control Panel main screen - and the steps to reproduce any problems so that we can recreate them internally.