Topic: Touchscreen Response Problems.

I know a few folks have mentioned a few issues with touch response... so this may be a common problem. But the touchscreen on my production chumby requires a lot of finesse. Just the edge of the finger kind of thing, and this is after several re-calibrations. Unfortunetly is bad enough that my kids have struggled to use it. They will touch the screen with their whole finger... then when nothing happens they will do it again... and again... and maybe on the 3rd or 4th touch it will work. I've even had the screen stop responding at one point, requiring a reboot.

Is this simply a "beta" thing... or should I actually report it to support?

Re: Touchscreen Response Problems.

Fingernails are a good bet, Mark.

For more on this, see bunnie(hardware designer)'s post on the support forum from a few weeks back: