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Topic: New chumby with stock FW 1.0.2430 updatable?

It is true. I have a new one. smile ...ordered via ebay...
HW 10.6 SW 1.0.3 FW: 1.0.2430

Is it possible to install the latest FW 1.0.7 to this device?
I tried the installation via http://forum.chumby.com/viewtopic.php?id=8654... I can see the update button, but this button is not active... I formatted an USB stick via FAT and / or FAT32, I unzipped the tgz archive to the root of the stick....but this way is not working for me... any ideas?

Issues solved.
I used another stick now. This results into the correct behaviour with the update package.... Now, I'm lucky about a new device with a new FW. smile