Topic: Chumby One up and at it again.

C1 has been living in a box since it stopped powering on, and I missed the info about the power supply issue back when. I held onto it to maybe hack the case or something "when I got the time". So, clearing out boxes of unfulfilled plans to put on eBay, I pulled it out and thought to check what some enterprising individual may have done with one in the last ten years.

I just happened to find the AC plug in a different box two days before and lucky that I made the match. I read about the plug issue and hacked together the USB A end of a cable to the barrel connector from the failed AC. Lo and behold, using an appropriate USB power source the Chumby powered up!

I got as far as the "all zeros" MAC address and no network connection. I decided to open it up to see if the card had become unseated, to maybe at least figure out the status to better set the expectations of the would-be auction winner and I noticed some corrosion/oxidation of sorts about the USB connector pins and a couple of other spots on the network adapter. Bummer!

I looked online to see some discussion about replacement cards, on pages marked "out of stock" and left up solely for historical purposes. Then I tried a couple of USB WiFi dongles I had around from Raspberry Pi kits, but figured I would end up having to get into the command line to do the configuration.

Thinking there was nothing to lose, I grabbed the 90% isopropyl alcohol and gave it a scrub down with a cotton swab to remove the grime. I hit it with the air to make sure it was dry and put it back in. Bingo! The Chumby connected right up and loaded the control panel! Radio worked. Pandora worked.

Pleased with the results, I will set it aside for the next two weeks then I will get the power cable tidied up to get it ready for its next life. It was cool to see it up and going again. I was happily surprised cleaning the network adapter surface cleared up the issue for now.

Re: Chumby One up and at it again.

Good to hear that cleaning on the contacts was all that was needed!

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.