Topic: Chumby Official SD Card image?

Is it possible to release an image of the SD card? 

A few of my Chumby have reached the part of their life where they're starting to act flakey. But I was able to successfully recover both of them by replacing the SD card.  Flash has a limited number of write cycles, and although Chumby have done well to limit writes, it's still written 90,000 sectors in a day. Over the decade that it's been running, that has to have added up.

I was able to cobble together a process by mirroring a Chumby that hadn't yet gone flaky, applying the firmware update over it, and factory-resetting it. But I'm not 100% confident in my solution, and would love to have the actual correct source.

Do you think we could have an official SD card image?  Anyone who has dealt with a Raspberry Pi is already capable of dealing with it.

Re: Chumby Official SD Card image?

If you're looking for a C1/Infocast 3 image, try this one: …

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I only have one C1 model, so I didn't know where I was going to cobble an image from if it went bad. This helps a lot. Thanks!

If you come across the C8 stuff, I'd still be interested.  The one I hacked together is 2GB, compresses down to 440MB, but I'm sure I can make it smaller with some thought.  For instance, it looks like the storage partition can be completely blank and Chumby will format it itself.  That would certainly make the image smaller.

Re: Chumby Official SD Card image?

Try: …