Topic: Best pratice for Chumby Classic in 2019

Today I reactivated my Chumby Class again, the sound comes out so lovely and reminder almost 10 years ago...

It was even before iphone 3GS, so promising product, at that, I was already think about something Alexa or Sir with Chumby Classic!!

I ordered it online, saw it shipped from China to US, via Fedex to Europe to me, > €350!

I wonder still ...

What's the best practice still using Chumby Classic now still, any app/ service/podcast/radio possible?

Re: Best pratice for Chumby Classic in 2019

as for music, Pandora, I Heart Radio, ShoutCast, all the Blue Octy stuff, etc. still work perfectly.  Sadly, I have not found any way to get podcasts on the Chumby, short of downloading to MP3 and playing through a USB drive.

The $3/month subscription service that is currently offered is something you may wish to consider.  Although all the apps that were available back in the day are still available on the web site, many no longer work.  With that said, the ones that do still work are enough for me to still get weather, news, different clocks/calendars, etc.  Well worth the $3 in my opinion.