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Topic: Various widgets.

I'm getting "check RSS feed URL" ??

Re: Various widgets.

"Load failed: URLNotFound http_error:0 path:http://proxy.chumby.com/proxy/https%3A%2F%2Fradar.weather.gov/ridge/lite/N0R/FTG_5.png"

is this because of the shutdown, or is there a problem?

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blank ?

and with the world the way it is maybe better.. but
is something broke?

Re: Various widgets.

One of our servers is malfunctioning, we're working on it.

Re: Various widgets.

Server problem, we're working on it.

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Re: Various widgets.

thanks for the update Duane, I see this covers all 3 of my reports.  With three widgets down suspected a server problem but thought you needed to know.

Re: Various widgets.

We've managed to restore most of the content services - music, etc. - but some widgets that use our proxy services may still have some difficulties.

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Well, that was interesting.

This started while Duane was in the air, and I was out, and only had my phone, so for a few hours, we were going back and forth, making changes, thankfully, I've got a SSH client on my phone, so was able to go in and redo some things that Duane couldn't do from 30k feet. 

It looks like something in weather.gov has changed today, and that was causing one of the backend servers to get completely jammed up.

As a result, weather.gov has been temporarily blocked.

We'll post more info when we figure out what the issue is.

(it's a bit challenging finding the exact problem when you're working with something that's got a couple dozen lines spewing out of the log every second)

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.