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Topic: Weatherbug broke?

I get no info - no temperature, no wind speed, whatever zip I enter? Just me or Is this one done too?

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Re: Weatherbug broke?

Not just you. I turned it off for now but I hope it’s fixable.

Re: Weatherbug broke?

I sent Duane a not yesterday, hopefully he'll get back with good news.

Re: Weatherbug broke?

Well, the widget was developed by WeatherBug themselves, so there's probably not much I can do about it.

It looks like what happened is that Automated Weather Service, aka AWS Convergence Technologies, aka Earth Networks (the original developer) sold off the Weatherbug technology and brands to another company called "xAd" aka Groundtruth.

It was probably running on momentum until someone noticed and turn it off.  It doesn't look like they're currently offering a third-party API but I'll take a deeper look.

Re: Weatherbug broke?

OK, looks like WeatherBug itself is a dead end - the company that owns it is more of an advertising network.

The original owner, now Earth Networks, does seem to still sell weather data.  I'll review their terms and pricing.