Topic: What chumby apps work on dash?

First off thanks chumby as I was able to upload chumby software to get dash working again.

I got a subscription and a few apps working, but there seem to be a lot that no longer work whether news feed or web cam. Is there a list of which ones actually work so I don’t have to go through all?


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Hi and welcome.

This is mostly a user if you find anything that doesn't work, list it in a post.   Many of the things that used to work don't anymore because the corporations which own the content have slammed the API doors shut.

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Some of the app creators visit this forum and pick up feedback. But yes some of the stuff may not be working as they once did since    some old connections are not there anymore. Please list what you find is not working and hopefully we can all work together to weed out what is not working. There are a lot of them that ARE working just fine so there is plenty to chose from. That may be a good New Post for apps not working. Makes it easier for developers to see if they can do something to remedy things.

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Re: What chumby apps work on dash?

These are not working so far on the dash...

News apps:
CeeFax viewer
Huffington post latest news
Reuters business
Reuters top news
The huffington post

Web cams:
Düsseldorf Germany
Fort Lauderdale beach cam
Pyramid cam

Artifacts of history
Did you know?

Re: What chumby apps work on dash?

I would rather have a list of apps that do work. In particular, are there apps showing your pictures which work?

I used to have Picasa pictures all the time, but Google changed something and it was gone.
Then PhotoBucket now doesn´t work without a 99USD/year subscription on their site (no way).
At least without subscribing for Chumby (3USD/Month) I cannot get photos on the USB pen drive to display either (ethernal "loading image" with a spinning circle).

So, any suggestions for displaying pictures on the Chumby-Dash?

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What size are the photos you are trying to view on the USB drive? I have noted large images +4 MB photos can be a problem (for me at least). You might try rescaling them to a lower resolution. 800 x 600 works for me. There are freeware apps that will resize an entire folder (without deleting the original files).

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Re: What chumby apps work on dash?

I tried resizing them, put in another folder. Still no go. I even tried with a second Dash I have Chumbified, this time keeping the original Space Theme, but still no go.

Please tell me, does it simply work for you? Go to photos, usb, choose a folder and ready? After that can you have a full screen slideshow with your usb photos in your chumby dash, as if it were an app? And do you that without a paid subscription to ?

PS I tried to play an mp4 video file: plays great (though not in an app window, only full screen). mp3 audio files play great as well. It is a wonder that we are no able to display images from the USB input.

Re: What chumby apps work on dash?

I am not working with a Dash. I have large and small Chumbys and Infocasts. Sorry I was no help.

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