Topic: Working weather forecast app?

I'm about at wits end trying to find an app (in addition to the built in one on the star trek theme) that will provide a 2-5 day forecast, and which actually works.  I used to use the NOAA app, but it's been giving wildly inaccurate current temps, Weatherbug rotates through locations randomly, and I can't find any way to set the location for Accuweather (which is currently showing Key Largo, Fl, which is just making me jealous).

If anyone can tell me how to set the location for Accuweather, I'd be a happy camper.  Or interested in other ideas for an app that shows forecast in addition to current temp.


Re: Working weather forecast app?

I'm currently using the accuweather and it is working.  I had to set the location online at under my apps and customize on that app.

Re: Working weather forecast app?

Seemingly for the last couple of weeks or so the Weatherbug app on my devices seems to have settled down and has been reporting the correct location again, although the severe weather alert banner is still permanently displayed.