Topic: Widget bucks? credits?

Has anyone explored the idea of a widget purchase system? (don't particularly like)
Or maybe a widget reward system (better idea), where the user can hit you up $.25 for a good job.
Once the Chumby base gets going, if you had 1000 people using your widget and half hit you up with a quarter, that's $125.
While it's not much.. It'd take the sting out for me when I saw another toy on Engadget that I just had to have..

Just a thought.

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Re: Widget bucks? credits?

What was that other toy out of curiosity? [:

Yeah that'd work really well, imagine when the Chumby userbase expands past 1000!
Then the money starts to get serious, most users are going to purchase multiple widgets obviously, so that adds up to some serious bucks to be earned.

This would work well through a PayPal transaction script.

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