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Two suggestions for

1) Can we get search facility on the Forum, suspect it will reduce the number of similar posts
2) Can we get an auto logon so that I dont have to key in my Name and Password everytime I log on


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I think the forum has both of those already.

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Sorry, you are right about Search on the Forum - I missed that.
But my comments re auto logon was in relation to - which they dont have



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I have been logged into the forums for somewhere near 4 months now and it has never asked me to relogin. I can think of only two reasons that you might experience the problem.

1. That your time between the visiting the site is so long that the cookie is expiring for your session. So, you should just come in every day. smile
2. If you are shutting down your browser fully and loading back up, the browser might be resetting all cookies for I would have to know what browser you are using to evaluate if this is happening.

If these two cases don't appear to be the problem then let me know, and we'll see if we can evaluate it more.



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I don't think he's talking about the forum regarding #2. Rather, he's asking that the site itself keep you logged in.

In other words: It would be nice to not have to log in each time I want to modify my channels.

Regarding the Search for the forum: I know it's there, right in the blue bar under the title. For some reason though, I find it really hard to locate it on-screen. I think my eye scans the blue bar as a heading, not a menu bar.

All I know is, I've spent a surprisingly long time looking at the screen searching for the Search option, only to find it right there in front of my eyes each time. smile

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I *think* the main site leaves you logged in for 24 hours if you don't log out - after that the session is automatically expired in order to avoid cluttering up the database.