Topic: Virtual Chumby's failing to connect?

I set up a virtual chumby a few days ago (my real one arrives the day after christmas).  It worked fine for quite awhile, but I noticed yesterday that it wasn't getting most feeds.  It appears that the weather works, but none of the news widgets pull anything, the dog clock shows the time but has no dog images, etc.

I updated Flash to the latest version on both IE and FF to see if that would help, but it made no difference.  Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?  Here's a link to the virtual chumby: … hp?t=45852

Re: Virtual Chumby's failing to connect?

Looks like everything is back up and working as of this afternoon.  Not sure if it was a glitch just on my end or more widespread, but either way all is well.

Re: Virtual Chumby's failing to connect?

So just tell us now whether your problem is sorted out or it is still the same, please confirm your post. and tell us what the problem it has.