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Topic: What to do about Flash's death?

I just went to try to configure some widgets for a new channel, and ran into the problem of Flash no longer being supported in browsers.  While it's supposed to be completely unsupported at the end of the year (2020), it's already really hard to activate it, at least in current Firefox releases, and I expect Chrome is also problematic.

I was looking for some system to run Flash content using a safer technology, and one that popped up is CheerpX: https://medium.com/leaningtech/announci … d35483ee35  I wonder if this might be viable... the cost may be too high, but it looks like it could work.

It also looks like Harman is doing licensing, https://services.harman.com/partners/adobe, and that could lead to a "Chumby config" app that would use the Chumby site with Flash content.

Re: What to do about Flash's death?

My line of work (broadcast engineering) has a lot of hardware with Flash-based GUIs which are very slow to convert to HTML5.  One transmitter manufacturer has come up with an Adobe Air wrapper for the Adobe Flash player which works fine.  I suspect we'll see more of this sort of thing, maybe as browser plug-ins.