Topic: chumby <-> desktop interaction

The only way I see some of the widget like Digg or Google News headlines being useful is if I can tap the chumby and have the currently summarized story show up in my browser.  One way to do this is to write Firefox plugin to listen to the chumby server for these kind of events.  A simpler short term solution might be to have a chumby console webpage that I have to keep open.  This could check using AJAX (of course!) for new click events from the chumby server, and load the content in a page frame.

Re: chumby <-> desktop interaction

The only problem with that is that I don't think the flash widgets can interact with the internal server. Instead, you could put a simple server on your desktop computer. Modify the chumby to send a simple GET request to the server including the URL to be opened. You could have a basic CGI script on the server that interprets the request and opens a browser window with the URL.

Re: chumby <-> desktop interaction

A server running on a client machine has a number of downsides, one being firewalls blocking access (and administrative access required to poke through), another being the need to write it for multiple platforms, etc.  But maybe the chumby guys are already doing this work.

Re: chumby <-> desktop interaction

this sounds like a good idea. you could possibly run a firefox extension and then send it via a packet to the extension on the pc.

we would need a custom rss reader, but i think you could modify one to have an extra link next to the title, so that it loads on the pc.

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