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No, has been up continuously for quite a while.  What symptoms are you seeing?

"" is a completely independent system that monitors the status of the main systems, it's always a good place to check if you think something might be going on.

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Check your internet setup,

Our monitor systems on site have not issued even a peep, nor have our offsite monitor systems shown any issues.

Where are you seeing the message?

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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I just rebooted some of my devices, came up with no problem,.  Assuming this message is happening on a chumby itself, what is the rest of the message?

During network setup, the message " is unreachable" means just exactly that - the device cannot make a connection through the network to, not that is down. Typically this is an incorrect Wifi password, failure to obtain an IP from the local DHCP server, or some other LAN issue.

The same servers that host the website also serve the devices, so if the device service were to be offline, so would the website.

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As a data point:  I can't remember the last time the Chumby services (devices or website) were down.   It's been a very long time since the last disturbance in the Chumforce.

This is in stark contrast to the old Sony days when my Dash would sit there, alone, with nobody to talk to for days.

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Well, to be fair, we've a a few very brief outages as the servers have been updated and restarted, typically on the order of a few seconds or minutes at most.  We haven't had an extended outage for a a few years now.  As far as I recall, the last "unscheduled outage" was in early 2017, and it was the hosting provider's network, not our servers (it actually took down lots of other companies too).

A lot of the issues Sony had were not generally related to the clones of the original Chumby servers they had, but rather with their special authentication systems which were completely separate as part of Sony Style.  That was also related to the issue where it got into a funny state with a cryptic error message and you had to contact them to clear it up.

They did have one early outage related to the chumby systems, where a session key index overflowed, but that was just a matter of resetting the table in the database.  The current chumby backend servers use a completely different method for tracking sessions and thus don't suffer from this issue.