Topic: LoadVar HTTP GET from PHP = Undefined

Hi all!

New to the forum - all the way from the UK with two Chumby Classics (Pearl and Varsity).

I am trying to develop a widget for the Chumby that will poll a PHP file on a public webserver (with a correct crossdomain.xml), but every time I trace the output I'm getting


. Every example I can find for AS2 does the same thing, even though I've not changed a thing in the code (literally just copied it over and F5'd it in FlashDevelop).

I'm not at my PC now - just about to sleep on the issue. I can post some code tomorrow for all the files involved, any suggestions in the meantime?


Re: LoadVar HTTP GET from PHP = Undefined

Wait, nevermind. I've switched to Flash Professional CS6 Trial and all has been sorted.
Now it works perfectly fine, and gets content from the server, calculates the difference in time between the UTC UNIX Timestamp on the server and the current time, and displays a countdown.