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Topic: Chumby Classic for sale

I have one in white leather, languishing in my son's room, unused. Works fine.

Make me an offer.

Also see my other post for 2 (maybe 3) InfoCast 8s: http://forum.chumby.com/viewtopic.php?pid=53599

Re: Chumby Classic for sale

Did you sell these yet?

Re: Chumby Classic for sale

Nope, still available. There's an InfoCast8 on Amazon for more than $100, but of course I'm not going to gouge anyone on the price based on that.
I paid $35+tax for each of the InfoCasts and hope to recoup most of that plus shipping. I don't remember how much the Classic was, but I think it was more expensive, since I bought it directly from Chumby.
Let's say $30 each plus shipping, so around $100 for all 3? I'd rather give them all to the same person, to save on shipping.

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Re: Chumby Classic for sale

Turns out I was wrong, just found the BestBuy receipt and the InfoCasts were actually $79.99 each plus tax. The Chumby Classic was $96.09.
I'm hoping to get at least half that much, I will list them on eBay and Amazon and post the links here.

Re: Chumby Classic for sale

Still available.