Topic: New software?

I've been using an Infocast for a while now.... standard non-connected, running the stock apps, mostly photo.  Woke up recently and the chumby software has replaced the Infocast software.....

anyone else find this?
Is this was intentional, now what?
I cant seem to activate the Infocast either, as it sits in "Awaiting Activation"

Re: New software?

what's the guid from the info screen?

I had that happen to mine, and iirc the cause was the cpu not being able to contact the crypto chip to get the machines guid

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: New software?

I probably have the least knowledge of most people monitoring this site. BUT I would try going into special options and resetting to factory settings and delete the unit from your account. Then start from scratch and see if that does anything positive.

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Re: New software?

This does sound like the device has lost its machine-type identifier, which means that it would default to the 3.5" Control Panel, which won't work on a large screen device.

One solution is to download the Control Panel package for that device, unpack it, then put it on a USB dongle and boot with it - it will then use that Control Panel instead.

The current Infocast 8 Control Panel package can be found here.