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Topic: Time - Quote of the Day

Looks like this one has been broken for a little while.  Didn't want to say anything and hoped it was just a temporary server error, but no banana.... :-(

Widget comes up, but only displays 'error' in the text panel which is probably because the url shows a 404 error.  I was unable to find a workable one, so this maybe a snub by time.com.......

Re: Time - Quote of the Day

Hmmm, I'm surprised that widget is still there - I did remove another very similar one that wasn't working.

I can probably get the widget to work, but unfortunately the data feed at time.com that it uses hasn't been updated with new quotes since May 2012.

See http://content.time.com/time/quotes/0,2 … 51,00.html - to give you an idea of age, it gives you the option to share a quote on Digg.

I'll remove the widget - unless someone can find another feed on time.com that I can use.