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If you have to change the widgets on your chumby you have to go turn on your computer then go on, then you have to login. And that takes up about 5 minutes. I though of an idea where you download an application directly onto your mac/pc and then you just click onto an icon and It would have a picture of your chumby, you would then have he option of which channel you want to put your widgets into. After you have that all set up you go to "marketplace" where you get the widgets select to have loaded onto the designated channel for your widgets.  I will attempt to draw a picture of what I mean. Thanks, Chandler

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Hmmm interesting idea....

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I've been hacking on a desktop app for developing Chumby widgets (Chumby IDE). Perhaps I should sync up with Duane on that. smile

If you are interested in the core tech it's built on, check out

I'll post more info as I get closer to having something usable, or someone beats me to it. smile