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Hello out there, how do I mount a samba share of the local network to my chumby one?
Than, oliaros

Re: mount samba share

Here's a forum thread on the topic, might still work:

We added the cifs.ko driver after that thread was started.

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Thx for the hint, Duane, the cifs.ko works great, if I do a mount from prompt.
I added the following line to /etc/fstab
// /mnt/storage/_raspi/ cifs defaults,username=username,password=password 0 0
Reboot does not mount the share, but when I enter "mount -a" manually the share is mounted.

Do you have a hint for me?
Regards oliaros

Re: mount samba share

Sorry, no, this is not my area of expertise.  I'll ping Ken and see if he can help.

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The solution is described at … n_start-up

Create the file /psp/rfs1/userhook2 containing

/bin/mount -a

and make it executable (chmod a+x /psp/rfs1/userhook2).

/etc/fstab contains the path, mountpoint and credentials of the share:

//ip-addr/smb-share /mnt/storage/mountpoint cifs defaults,username=username,password=password 0 0

That's it, regards oliaros