Topic: Automatic Night Mode on Insignia 8

Is there a way to have an I8 (with I8 firmware) automatically go into night mode like the I3.5?  I know I could do it when I flashed it with the C8 fw but that was missing some features I wanted.


Re: Automatic Night Mode on Insignia 8

euh, I think you can do it with a cron job.

mine's not powered up atm, but I think it works just like on the other machines.

ve:/mnt/storage/psp # more
echo '<event type="NightMode" value="on" comment=""/>' > /tmp/flashplayer.event
/usr/bin/chumbyflashplayer.x -F1

is the command to run, then put something like this in /psp/crontabs/root

0 22 * * * /psp/

I've got another one that makes it completely black at 10:30pm. smile

more fun things to do in the wiki:

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Automatic Night Mode on Insignia 8

Thanks for your response.  I was so hoping there was a more elegant (lazy) way of doing this.  Windows and the iPad have made me lazy because I haven't touched Unix in many years.  Since I used the word 'Unix', you know how long ago that was.

I understand most of the code you referenced, but not all.  However, I am very grateful for your response and will seriously consider implementing it.  The choice now is whether to leave things alone, flash my I8 with C8 fw or go find a Linux book.

Thanks again.