Topic: Automatic reconnect of Chumby to wireless?

Hi all,

My Chumby classic has login information pre-configured so that if I turn on the Chumby it will automatically connect to my wireless network - so far so good.

If I turn off my wireless network for a length of time (yes, some people do that lol) my Chumby falls back to the default clock - expected behaviour I believe.

When I then turn my wireless network back on, the problem is that the Chumby will not reconnect automatically to the network. It will reconnect if I power cycle it or press a few buttons in the control panel, but I'm looking for a quick and easier way to achieve a reconnect.

Is there a way to get an automatic reconnection?

Alternatively, any chance we can get the default behaviour changed to poll for the last active wireless network?

Thanks in advance...

PS: Setup as follows:

- Chumby classic
- control panel 2.8.86
- software 1.7.3
- firmware 4094
- unmodified setup

Re: Automatic reconnect of Chumby to wireless?

The devices will typically reconnect if the chumby servers cannot be reached and are restored, but generally will not try to reconnect on a lost wifi connection.

When the server connection is lost, the device actually goes though a little ritual dance to reconnect. It makes reconnect attempts at increasing longer intervals up to a maximum, with increasing jitter - this makes it easier for us to get the system back up without having tens of thousands of devices pounding on us just when we're starting back up.  What that means is that it may take quite a while for any individual device to notice the service has been restored.

The particular issue of wifi reconnect *might* be addressable in the Control Panel - I'd have to look into it.

Re: Automatic reconnect of Chumby to wireless?

is there a script that could be put in place to have it check wifi connection and retry if it's lost?

I'm guessing so, but don't know how it's all put together, just that something normally connects to wifi on boot before the CP loads.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

Re: Automatic reconnect of Chumby to wireless?

Sounds good.

I think I know the key steps to getting a reconnection scripted, but having the time to get it done over the next few weeks is unfortunately unlikely... :-(