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I just acquired a customized CC I think it is a 3.7 dual USB outlets. The one on the right does not seem to show anything but the one of the left does. Maybe a wire disconnected? It is very hard to see anything without a magnifying glass. I was trying to upgrade from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 but it just hangs up no matter which USB port I use. I guess it does not really make that much difference unless Duane puts out newer updates for this unit. I don't know what actually is different between 1.7.2 and 1.7.3.

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Whilst the Classic can be taken apart, it does not come apart nearly as easily as does the One. I'm pretty sure that you have to prise off the seal around the screen in order to get it apart. That was enough to put me off - I'm sure it's not especially hard to get apart, but I'm equally sure that I wouldn't be able to do it and get the thing back together without spoiling it. Either I'd leave tool marks on the seal, or my re-gluing would be lumpy, crooked or otherwise unsatisfactory.
With this in mind, it is probably not worth attempting to fix a faulty USB port on the Classic if the other one is working. You only really need two if you want to simultaneously use an ethernet connection and play something off a USB drive. In most situations, one is enough. This is why the One only has one USB port (that and cost considerations, of course).

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I don't own a classic so I cannot tell if the instructions here: are any good. You might find it useful.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

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This customized CC is already taken apart and sits in a wooden box. That may be why the USB port is not working--got bumped. I am going to try to rearrange some things to make this a real conversation piece. The guy I got it from started doing this and evidently lost interest in it and gave it to me for shipping cost. I want to cut holes in the front of the box and attach the speakers from within the box. The top button is now in the front of the box near the middle of the opening. There is a handle to open the box and a hole cut out in the back for the power supply to be snaked through. I want to permanently mount the screen to the underside of the lid and make a cut out for the back of the chumby (aka power, headphone and usb connections). Now if I can just find the time to dedicate to this project. I just thought maybe there may be something obvious to be able to fix the USB malfunction. It really isn't a huge thing. Just me wanting everything to work the way intended.
Here is a video of the CC I am talking about before I acquired it: