Topic: Donation Plattform?

Has anyone set up a donation page on one of the many platforms?
Like Kickstarter, Razoo,, GiveForward, Mobcaster, HelpersUnite, Crowdtilt,, Prosper, Kiva,...?

Re: Donation Plattform?

I seem to recall that there certainly was talk of it, but Duane said to hold off for now until his plans for the future had firmed up a bit (and please correct me, Duane, if that is not what you said).
Setting up a donation platform too soon, or one with ill-defined goals, risks squandering all the current enthusiasm and good will.

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What we had here was an emergency - I had less than six weeks to acquire the rights and create the systems we're all currently using.  In the case of the rights, that meant creating a new company, negotiating with the assignee, collecting signatures from the secured creditors, capturing all of the data and code, and building and testing the stub server more or less from scratch, using the old code for a functional reference.

I have a fulltime job, and a family so my free time is rare and precious.

Fortunately, I was able to lean on the eminent Doktor Jones to handle the forum and wiki, for which we should all be grateful (please thank him!).  I also had the assistance of some ex-Chumbians that helped me collect the most important information necessary to build the new systems and clear up issues that were not documented well.

What we didn't have was nearly enough time to go through any type of rational funding process - the sale of Chumby to Blue Octy actually closed only two weeks ago and it would have been irresponsible to hit up folks for money without that deal done.

More importantly though, we need to figure out what we're building before knowing the best way to fund it.  I've built the lifeboat for the service - the stern of the ship we evacuated is about to disappear under the waves - now the question is which direction we're going to row.

Re: Donation Plattform?

I'd like to contribute something that may help.  I know you are busy racing the clock, plugging the dam with time working against you but you will also need to generate revenue to support it, even in the beginning.

As I see it, the need is very similar to that of and their payment model seems to be working for everyone involved.
There are a menu of donation options there to choose from and even though I'm living entirely on early SS retirement money, even I found an easy way to donate something I could afford.
I chose the $2.99/month auto-draft on my Paypal account.  I barely even notice it happening and it makes me feel much better about supporting something that I benefit from personally.

You don't need to be up and running for people to find it easy to help with lubricating the skids during development and it would make things much easier for you to have that off your back while you face the code and logistics side of things.
If cheap dialup and Netflix is worth $8 or $9 dollars a month, the Chumby project would surely be worth $3.  Especially knowing things will be improving over time.  It would to me anyway.

I can assist with some of this side of it if you wish.
I can also help set up a Google group to centralize getting the word out and helping channel information for you.
I'm retired by force so I'm a body available from the technical side although not this coding you are doing here.
Anyway, consider any/all of that my contribution as a long time silent user.  If you check my IP you will see two C's and an I8 looking for mama.
Use my registration email if you wish.