Topic: Widgets on a stick

If you can run widgets from a USB memory stick from Zurk's offline software, could you run widgets from a USB memory stick instead of having them run from the server with the standard software?

Yes I know about the widget owners issue but I am sure there are widgets that could be used if the owners permission was granted.

Re: Widgets on a stick

Yes - this is exactly what I do. About 18 months ago I changed a few config files around & now run widgets locally. Still running 24 hour cat clock, Radio Paradise Now Playing, Internode News & Now Playing here without a blip since the server change.

You'll have to wait till the revamped service comes back up to access your old widgets, but the process is described here for those familiar with basic Unix commands & tools like SSH:

Re: Widgets on a stick

There's a hack that works on the 3.5" devices to mix local widgets into a channel.  It should work with the latest code: … _a_channel

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