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Topic: Chumby One "touch screen" unresponsive

My chumby one is able to power on, however the touch screen is not working at all. One of two symptoms occur:

1. Sometimes when powering on the device, the chumby thinks that the touch screen is depressed (when in fact it is not), thus a message comes up stating stating "continue holding screen for special options". The special options load. The screen is unresponsive.

2. If the chumby successfully powers on without the special options loading, the screen nevertheless is unresponsive. I am unable to select anything, and occasionally widgets think that someone is tapping the screen (when in fact, the screen is not being touched).

In sum, my screen's "touch feature" is not working. Sometimes it thinks its being "touched" and other times it refuses to acknowledge my finger's "touch." Please advise. Thank you for your support.