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Topic: Local media on chumby device

Hi all

I have few doubt regarding chumby device memory. We have Chumby one and Insignia device.

Does any chumby device has its own memory where it can store any music or video files.
If yes,please tell clarify my doubts-->
1. how to store any audio or video file persistent memory and play it/use it.
2. How can I access those files using my flash application (.swf) and play through my application.
3. If there are no files on device, can I download song through my flash app and store on device and play whenever user using my application next time

Thank you

Re: Local media on chumby device


I just picked up a few Infocast 8's, and was playing around with them... still trying to figure out exactly how I want to use them wink

I'd like to write a similar widget that can display images from local storage (/mnt/storage, specifically... and ideally i'd be running my widget from there too), and if there are no images, it checks an arbitrary URL and downloads images from it to local storage.  I know next to no Flash/Actionscript (though I very briefly dabbled in it some time ago, and am ace with HTML and PHP, slightly less so with JS).

If someone could provide assistance in how I could read from/write to the local filesystem (binary-safe), I'd appreciate it!

I was initially thinking about writing such an app using shell scripts, cron jobs, wget, and imgtool, but figured a flash widget would be the more elegant way to go about it.

On a semi-related note, is there a way to force the chumby to load a particular widget at startup?