Topic: Not able to capture IR keypresses

I'm creating my own JavaScript based application and followed … oldid=3432 which instructed to add "function fButtonPress(vButtonName, vCount, vOnHold)" to get key events. I did that. I created JavaScript and placed that function in it. It doesn't do anything. So I started looking at NeTV.js and see that it has a routine that loads when the page loads which captures key strokes and calls that method. I tried using that. I included all the JavaScript from the example, index.html and called fOnLoad on load, etc. I also just set this up by itself "$(document).keydown(function(event)" with no luck. In short, I did a bunch of stuff and nothing was successful.

What is the minimal working configuration whereby I can build a JavaScript routine which captures keystokes?

Re: Not able to capture IR keypresses

Turns out I needed NeTVBrowser Nativekb on
I did try this before, but for some reason it didn't work then? Anyway, never mind, works great!