Topic: How do I update the firmware?

Hello everyone,

How is a firmware update on the NeTV performed? Am I missing something obvious in the menu? I can see that I am at firmware version 9 and the Wiki says I should update to 11, but how do I do that? Is this documented anywhere?


Re: How do I update the firmware?

The update willl trigger automatically. However, at the moment, we are reworking the update scripts so the signatures don't match, which means the update will fail for now. Once we have it fixed the update will automatically happen.

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Re: How do I update the firmware?

I am still running firmware 21 and am seeing stability issues when semi-complex web pages are loaded.  I would love to see the firmware update itself.  Is the auto-update really still offline?

Re: How do I update the firmware?

Answering my own question, it seems like I cannot reach

This by making a copy of /usr/bin/
and setting DEBUG=1

Is there a different buildbot ? 

I see that the V22 firmware notes say:
  "Updates now feature a fail-safe to roll-over to a backup server in case is down "
but I the backup server isn't mentioned so I cannot even visit it manually.