Topic: U-Boot for network booting


I wonder if the CHB uses U-Boot as bootloader?
Is it possible to retrieve the kernel using TFTP? and then the rootfs with NFS?
Actually I have a Chumby one (falconwing) and as I read here, it uses a custom bootloader. Has anyone tried to flash U-boot on a Chumby one?


Re: U-Boot for network booting

Sorry if my questions are stupids but I need to refresh my mind, I didn't play with Linux embedded systems for a while smile

So, if I well understand I just need to replace the custom Chumby bootstream by the Freescale U-boot bootstream that comes from LTIB and write to the SD card thanks to that document.
Then I need to change the uboot boot cmd and that it! Right? sounds to much simple to be real smile


Re: U-Boot for network booting

If you mess up the bootloader, you will likely brick your device.  I would be sure the bootloader works before messing with it.  Maybe there's a way to boot your uBoot from the custom bootloader first, as a test, then if you know it runs on chumby's ARM properly, then try flashing it?

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